Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Challenge! Day One...

I'm taking on a new challenge for 2016! 

Inspiration comes from Carol Marine who wrote, Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often To Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artist.  I am eagerly awaiting her book that I just ordered from Amazon! 

So here's the gist...create a painting every day for 30 days. Um, yea, 30 days.

Feeling a little insane just typing the words because I know that once school starts back up I will be feeling the time crunch. Did I mention I have a little gig as an elementary art teacher? And "art teacherin'" is cutting into my "painting in my jammies" time. 

So here's my first painting. 

Day One. Done. 

I love my antiques and loved playing with the values of white and the colors reflected in the fixture. 
I'm naming this one "That's Hot" and it works best said in your best Paris Hilton voice.

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