Fellow Painter Julie Gallow

Cherry Bomb
Sarah & Bryant
Day 16


Sarah and Lily

The Lone Thistle
Sarah and Reed
Zentangle in Cools
January 24
Day 23
Old Trees
Big Sky

Diamond Mandala
January 22
Yellow Flower
January 23
Shells Caught Up in the Wave
January 28
Floral Fantasy
Mixed Media
January 29
Looking Out
January 30
January 31


  1. Debra, thank you so much for including my work on your blog! It has been an unexpected pleasure in my life this last 9 days to share in this challenge with you! It has me thinking differently about my practice as an artist, how being consistent and disciplined is paying off in feeling more creative, enjoying the daily quiet time I have with painting, and feeling more confident in my skills. Not to mention connecting with you and the other ladies in this challenge...you all inspire me!

    1. It is my pleasure and honor to have you join this challenge. I am grateful to have a team of positive people to inspire me. You are a treasure!